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The Department seeks to enhance the student's knowledge of mathematical, quantitative and scientific principles that can be applied to various fields of applications to enable analytical decision making.

The course aims to create a solid foundation for assimilation of mathematical concepts ans structures and build mathematical skills like creative, logical and analytical thinking. The syllabus has been designed to ensure that as the course progresses systematically; it provides a firm grounding in core mathematics subjects including Calculus, Analysis, Algebra, Differential Equations and for Modeling of real life problems. Tools such as Mathematica/SPSS/Maxima shall be used to enhance the understanding of fundamental mathematical concepts.

The study of this course shall be of immense help to those who would like to pursue a career in fields like economics, physics, engineering, management science, computer science, operational research, mathematics and several others.


Faculty NameDesignationEmail-IdContact No.
Dr.Anuradha Sharma Associate Professor 9810878134
Dr.Ayekpam Jiran Meitei Assistant Professor 9540068711
Dr.Prasannan .A.R Associate Professor 9868172367
Dr.Vanita Jain Associate Professor 9868725181
Dr.Sushil Yadav Assistant Professor 9015650765
Mr.Vedpal Singh Assistant Professor 8527980908
Dr.Jagvinder Singh Assistant Professor 9811709844
Ms. Rupali Assistant Professor 9136427256
Dr. Shuchi Agrawal Assistant Professor 8130833793
Mr. Jayanta Biswas Assistant Professor 8010046475
Mr. Awadhesh Kumar
Assistant Professor 9350117187
Mr. Mahendra Ram Assistant Professor 9811901816