Note:- Before submit form please read attach pdf file must.

GE 2nd Year Honors

a) Students are required to give three GE paper perferences. List of Papers offered by the department are given in the drop down menu of the form. The three Preferences must be filled in order of priority. The three preferences should be different.

b) Please do not fill the option / preference paper of the department of which you are a student. E.g a Journalism Hons, student can fill any of the papers offered by all other departments except that offered by the Deptt. of Journalism.

c) The Students must take a screenshot / pic of the filled form for record.

d) Please check the list of papers carefully before filling the form. Option shall be exercise only onec. Multiple form submitted by students will not be accepted the first form shall be valid.

e) The Students Shall be awarded Generic Elective Paper as per the policy of the collage. In case the number of students opting for a GE paper is more than the stipulated number (number decided by the relevant collage committee), the students shall be given their preference strictly on the basis of merit (last declared result) and overall quota applicable for individual courses.

f) The College reserves the right to close / withdraw any option in case it does not receive requisite number of preference for any paper. In such an event, the student shall be given his next preference.

g) Last date of submit the option is 12th july 2018 by 5:00 pm.

h) In case a student does not exercise his / her option by 12th july 2018, the college shall have the right to award him / her the G.E. Paper which shall be final.

i) Option once allotted shall remain final and will not change.

j) Batches finalized by the concerned committee of Generic Elective papers shall be uploaded on the college website before the commencement of the session.